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Start This Year With  Effective Fitness Goals

The year has just started and there is no better time to start making positive changes than now. Yet, sometimes it is about more than just setting goals and making resolutions. Yes, we know that setting goals is very important, but the hard part is actually following through and reaching them. We have all seen the gyms are packed when the year starts, by March half the amount are showing up, and by September most have left their goals behind. So what makes the difference when it comes to reaching our fitness objectives? What do we need to do to make sure we follow through on our training goals and reach the results we want? The following tips can help you to set fitness goals that you will actually reach this year.

5 Simple Steps to Actually Reaching Your Fitness Goals This Year

  1. Set goals that are simple, realistic, and specific. The key to reaching your fitness goals is to make them simple enough to follow, realistic enough to reach and specific enough to know what it is exactly that you need to do to get there. Simple doesn´t mean easy. It just means that it is clear enough to know what needs to get done. Setting a very general goal such as ¨I want to be a better runner¨ will be discouraging not because it is difficult to be a better runner but because there is not enough specification as to what exactly would make you a better runner. You are probably already a good runner, but in order to be better, you need to know exactly what you want to accomplish. Otherwise, you will be stuck because there will be no way to track your progress or know how close or far you are from reaching your goal. Instead of making such a general goal make sure you set a specific, realistic goal such as ¨ I want to be able to lower my 5k running time from 23 minutes to 20 minutes.¨
  2. Make an action plan. Once you set a goal that is simple to understand, realistic and specific, you can then break it down into a plan or steps to follow. Write down some of the things you will need to do to reach it and make sure you take note of how often you will need to complete each task. Have a list of daily and monthly tasks, and other periodic efforts that need to be completed in order to get closer to your goal. Check off the tasks you complete or have a calendar or visual tracker that allows you to see where you are slacking off and where you are excelling towards your goal.
  3. Stay accountable. Staying accountable, is very important. It isn´t bad to work towards your goals on your own but it is harder to stay accountable. To ensure that you don´t get behind in your objectives, seek the support of a peer or coach that will remind you of your objectives and will not let you loose perspective. Finding the right support will not only help you stay accountable but can also enhance your efforts. The best type of support is one that allows you to reach your objectives faster and that provides you with the guidance you need to facilitate your improvement. At Athletic Republic Kenosha you will find the support of professional trainers and expert coaches that are dedicated to helping you reach your goals. Contact them right now and start working on your goals today.
  4. Adjust your plan. In order to stick to your goals all year, you need to evaluate what is working and what isn´t. Make periodic evaluations of your goal throughout the year. Review the progress you have made and check what areas you have struggled. If you need to change your strategy or notice that you need to add or remove certain tasks to make your efforts more efficient do so. Ask your trainers and coaches for help in adjusting your plan so that you can effectively reach your goals.
  5. Reward yourself. Don´t start this year with great enthusiasm only to lose motivation. Reward yourself periodically and ensure that you make your goal reaching journey more enjoyable. When you reach certain milestones in your goal treat yourself to that new workout outfit you have been wanting or add 100 dollars to your travel budget, etc.

Reach All Your Fitness Goals With the Best Sports Training in Kenosha County

There is no better way to stay accountable and ensure that reach your goals this year than with the help of the best sports training program in Kenosha. Call Athletic Republic in Kenosha today, at (262) 925-9000.