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Why Athletes Need to Assess Their Personal Performance

Athletes place all their efforts into reaching their goals. They are constantly working towards increasing their level of performance through training, healthy habits, and mental strength. Since their efforts and choices determine how far they get, it is vital that they learn to assess their performance. Doing so can help them to maintain a more efficient guide towards improvement.

Athletes Must Learn to Find Balance in How They Assess Themselves

Avoid being excessively critical with yourself but don´t be overly complacent with your results. Athletes tend to fall under two extremes, either they become excessively critical of their performance or they reach a comfort zone where it becomes hard to help them break out of a rut. Both extremes can be detrimental to their personal achievements and may also affect the growth of their team.

Count on the Support of Peers and Coaches

One of the best ways the break this hurtful tendency is to count on the support and assessment of your coaches and peers. At least once a year, make it a point to ask your teammates, coach, fans, and other trainers for suggestions and constructive criticism. Choose persons who you trust and who know you well enough, to be honest with you. Then take what they say and if there is any areas or similar comments that they all agree on then it is likely that it is something you should take into consideration and work on. Filter what is said with wisdom and an open mind.

Constructive Criticism

It is important to know how to learn to listen to constructive criticism and use it to build yourself up and not down. It is also important to learn to make your own assessment without reaching extremes. The more you practice this and set your own mental evaluations the more efficient you will be in making adjustments that propel you forward into reaching your goals.

Get the Best Help for Your Performance Goals

Part of assessing yourself is knowing how to obtain the right resources and most productive help. If you want to be an outstanding athlete it isn´t enough to do what everyone else does and just show up to practice. You need to go the extra mile and work hard on improving your strengths and eliminating your weaknesses. At Athletic Republic Kenosha expert trainers and professional coaches will help you to work towards greater accomplishments and faster results. Their highly efficient training programs are designed to help athletes work on areas where they need it the most. Call them today at (262) 925-9000.

Use a Journal as a Helpful Tool to Reach Your Goals Athletic Goals

Having a journal can also facilitate your personal assessment and lead you to better results. This may sound a little awkward and writing may not be your thing but having things down on paper can truly help clear up your mind and expedite higher achievements. It has actually been proven that athletes who keep a journal to jot down their thoughts, goals, and record improvements and struggles, are able to increase their performance more easily.

How to Use a Journal For Better Performance Results

  • When writing down your thoughts it is important to always start with the positive. After every game, or training session, select two or three things that you feel you did right or very well.
  • Elaborate on why or what drove you to do well in those areas. Knowing you will have to write down at least 3 areas in which you thrived can subconsciously drive you to perform at your best and will remind you to make a greater effort in different areas.
  • Once you have  taken the time to write the areas you did well in and your strengths. Then select one or two areas of improvement where you feel you could have worked harder on. This should consist of both things that you noticed in yourself and things that your teammates and coaches noticed that you need to improve on.
  • Next, list 3 steps that you will take to improve in those areas.
  • Don´t forget to write down any progression you make and/or struggles that you face.

Join the Best Sports Training Program in Racine

The most important part about assessing yourself as an athlete is to take the right action steps towards improvement. Athletic Republic Kenosha makes that happen. Their training programs and sports training system gives you the advantage you need to exceed in your performance. Start making the changes you need to succeed, enroll today at Athletic Republic Kenosha. Call them at (262) 925-9000 to learn more.